Mission Statement

We feel obliged to support a sustainable devlopment of societies. This shall be done not only by preserving high quality of our products and services, but by aspiring towards a harmonic cooperation inside our team. We therefore facilitate the reconciliation of family, honorary posts, leisure time and profession as well as the ecologically friendly organization of our operating procedures.

We stand for:

  • a market economy which is ecologically and socially oriented and serves the purpose of a sustainable social and economic development;
  • a democratically organized and strong social state and legal state which actively attends to market developments;
  • a federal state structure with a strong municipal self-government;
  • free, but responsible employers as well as self-help and co-operative organizations which serve the promotion of their members;
  • framework conditions of the working life which support personality development and sustain living standards.

Our self-image

  • Consultant and coach of local and regional administrations in realizing sustainable location development.
  • Provider of impulses for innovations in municipal policy and administration.
  • Consultant and coach of public authorities for strategy development, qualification and for support of operational work.
  • Consultant and coach of actors in transformation and developing countries in establishing an ecological and social market economy.

Our business objectives

  • Our business objective is to realize our self-image and to contribute to the realization of our world view. At the same time we want to achieve workplaces and incomes for all our employees which are secure in the long term. We require profits to remain innovative, but profit maximization is not our business objective.
  • We accept the competition in our markets and we endeavor to strengthen and improve our market position through quality and innovations.
  • We want to run an enterprise model with high participation and qualification of all employees.

Our outward business principles

  • We aim at long-term and trustful relationships with our customers.Wir streben eine langfristige und vertrauensvolle Kundenbeziehung an.
  • We see our customer as a partner, we are open for criticism and pronounce it also ourselves.
  • We offer practically oriented solutions oriented towards application.
  • In every order we see a new challenge to apply our experience and our skills.
  • We work independently and in a nonpartisan way.
  • We stand to our mission statement and we inform our customers about it.
  • We see ourselves not only in the roles as a contractor, client or cooperation partner, but also as an active part of the civil society. Thus we take position - if necessary also publicly - in general social issues which regard us as an enterprise.Wir sehen den Kunden als Partner, sind offen für Kritik und sprechen diese auch selbst aus.

Our internal business principles

  • We want independent, creative employees.
  • We maintain a fair, respectful and esteeming contact with each other.
  • We search the balance between company interests and personality development. In doing this, the strengths and inclinations of individuals are respected.
  • We aim at the compatibility of work, family life, private lives and honorary offices.
  • Trust has priority over control.
  • We want a long-term relationship with employees and a non-anonymous collegiality.
  • We want a cooperative leadership structure and a supportive leadership style; through distributed competences according to business areas we take care of efficiency without inelastic hierarchical structure.
  • The employees participate in decision taking.
  • The employees benefit from company profits.
  • We have a flat salary structure.
  • We offer our employees regular possibilities for professional continuing education.
  • In implementing tasks we support each other in a helpful way.
  • We aim at environmental-friendly business operations.
  • We take care of a sustainable procurement (in the region / organic / fair trade).